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Whether you’re running your own show, surrounded by others in an office or just missing that sense of connection and support, the BridgingTheGap community has your back.

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In 2020, we rebranded as BridgingTheGap Ventures

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Gender and the Future Workforce

We evaluate the status of the gender gap in the workplace—where progress is being made and where it’s not—and how businesses, educators and policymakers can work together to create an inclusive workplace for the next generation.

Workplace Assessment

BridgingTheGap Academy uses the latest BridgingTheGap Insights to inform its workshops and educational programs designed for employers, organizations, educators and young talent as they navigate the changing workplace and workforce.

The Change Generation Report

We provide one of the first and largest national in-depth comparative research studies on the workplace values of Millennials and their successors, Generation Z. We evaluate how they are redefining work.

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