The Problem: Mind the Gap

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The Problem: Mind the Gap

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There is a serious gap for youth today.

A gap between what the education system provides and what’s required to succeed in the real world.

You can feel it.

Many people have known about it for years and have done nothing.

The truth is, the working world has changed and is continuing to change but traditional educational and employment systems have not changed with it. The future is now and it comes with tremendous opportunities, but most everyone is still stuck in the past.

The legendary authority on leadership, John Maxwell said: “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” Most youth today have yearnings to grow but don’t know how and don’t think they have many options nor opportunities…

The primary gaps we are bridging fall under 3 main categories or “umbrellas”:
The Education Gap

The data, the information and the skills that are not getting through
The Network Gap

The people, the decision-makers, the connections, the “who’s who”
The Confidence Gap

The bridge doesn’t matter if people have no confidence to cross it…

These gaps include “sub-gaps” that include many things…