The BridgingTheGap Membership was created for those interested in accessing skills training and education they need to build a career on their own terms with flexible, on-demand content and active learning experiences. It is for those who want to stand out in the job market and increase employability by exploring topics and skills employers actively seek.

The experiences and content within our membership are designed for those focused on advancing their personal and professional development—to empower new knowledge of self to further goals in work and life.

It’s for those who seek to connect with industry leaders and pioneers to build a professional network and gain exclusive insight on navigating the current and future job marketplace. And last but not least, it is for individuals aiming to overcome education and employment barriers with accessible skills training to prepare them for the future, today.

Because, the economy is changing and opportunity comes to those who change with it.

Are you ready to take charge of your success and create a better future?

We are on a mission to build bridges of opportunity and offer flexible membership plans to accommodate individuals at all stages of their self-development journey.  Financial constraints should not be the barrier to developing bright minds of the future. 

The BridgingTheGap Basic Plan provides a free, no-cost membership option for those seeking a barrier-free pathway. We also host a number of free upskilling opportunities throughout the year to continue making skill-building accessible to all, including select live-streamed events and our YOUNGA Youth Delegate Program—which awards up to 2000 scholarships annually to young people worldwide to receive access to premium upskilling, career enrichment and free enrolment in our bespoke leadership training program. 

For those who have the means to invest in their future and wish to enhance the quality of their experience with additional enrichment opportunities and premium content, we offer affordable paid membership plans for as low as US$1/day. 

All memberships come with a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. 

You can cancel or change your membership plan at any time.

BridgingTheGap is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for all our members. By joining our community and activating a membership, you are expected to respect and abide by our Community Guidelines, which provide clear standards for everyone in the BridgingTheGap community to uphold. The BridgingTheGap Team reserves the right to revoke community access and cancel membership plans of any who are in breach of the guidelines.
Live-stream access offers a typical viewer experience for you to watch and learn from sessions.

Participant access offers an active, interactive experience that puts you in the room (viturally) with BridgingTheGap speakers, senior executives and celebrity mentors. Participant access includes video and audio capabilities so you can be seen and heard by speakers and actively contribute to the conversation. Depending on session format, this access level may also include breakout rooms and more peer collaboration and networking opportunities.
The Future-Ready membership offers the best value to advance your growth with all BridgingTheGap has to offer and unlocking $1,897 worth of bonus content.

You’re getting unlimited access to all of BridgingTheGap’s premium content, including never-before-released celebrity MentorChats and masterclasses from the YOUNGA vault, monthly session recordings to learn and replay anytime at your own pace, plus exclusive member-only executive coaching calls to receive more personalized mentorship and build your professional network.

The Future-Ready membership is an affordable, all-access option for motivated leaders and active learners to take success into their own hands.
It exposes you to mentorship and learning from world-class experts on relevant topics that matter for your self-development and career success right from the comfort of your own home.You’ll benefit from private group Q&As with speakers, extra opportunities to interact and network with celebrity mentors and priority registration to guarantee your spot in our most popular and in-demand sessions of the month.

With our quarterly membership option, you benefit with even more savings giving you all-access for 90 days for less than $1/day.

Plus, you’re joining a community of the most passionate and committed BridgingTheGap active, curious learners who will uplift and support you through shared experiences, positive support and valuable feedback! 🚀
Innovation Masterminds are active learning and collaboration experiences. These live, virtual sessions provide members with the opportunity to engage with quality, global speakers—posing questions, contributing ideas and shaping the outcomes of the experience. On-demand masterclasses are pre-produced sessions for members to watch, listen and/or replay at their convenience anytime, anywhere.
You will have access to session recordings and any on-demand content included in your membership plan for as long as your subscription is active.

We accept various credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) and Google Pay.

Our goal is to make sure that you have the best community experience and quality content as possible. If the BridgingTheGap membership isn’t for you, you have 7 days from the date of your subscription purchase to claim a full refund, no questions asked. Simply send us an email at [email protected] with your order number and you will receive the full refund.

If you decide to not to renew your membership plan, you can change or cancel it in the Billing Section of your account. This can be found by logging into your BridgingTheGap membership account, selecting “Profile” and then “Billing”.  In the section “Active Plans”, you will be able to change your plan and/or to cancel your membership.


A plan change or cancellation can be made anytime, but will come into effect and be valid from the next billing period following the date you make the change. You will continue to retain access to your membership benefits until your current subscription period ends. Following your cancellation date you will lose access to all BridgingTheGap content and benefits acquired through your Membership. If you subscribed to any add-on separate from your Membership, you will retain access to these for the duration of their individual subscriptions.

Yes! On the next step on the gift card checkout page you will have an option to include a personal message for your chosen recipient to see in their notification email to redeem their gift.

You sure can! Stay on top of special occasions and milestones by buying in advance and pre-scheduling your gifts to be sent to recipients on predetermined dates. An excellent feature for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and commemorative days. 

If you need help regarding technical issues, account problems and payment questions you can email our customer support team at [email protected].