Youth Innovation Mastermind

Sometimes, community leaders, governments, business experts and even youth themselves underestimate the power of our youngest generations.

The BridgingTheGap Youth Innovation Mastermind connects decision-makers from business, government and community sectors together with emerging talent to co-create solutions to the challenges they face. 
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During this interactive session, we invite executive mentors to share their insights and expertise with young people to develop action plans to address a cause they’re passionate about. Using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, thematic roundtable discussions focus on the future of education and work, climate action, mental health, gender equality and other community challenges. Our programming can be tailored for an in-person or virtual experience—contact us if you’re interested in bringing the BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum to your community.

Programming at a Glance

At BridgingTheGap Forums, we realize young people are aware, globally-connected and innately attuned to your role in shaping the future. We truly believe young people are not just leaders of tomorrow but are the leaders of today. The challenge is not in convincing you of the need to take action…it’s understanding how to act on your ideas and tangibly create the change you want to see.

We’ll help you identify...

Your Objective: What Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) align with your cause?

The Stakeholders: Who are the stakeholders involved in your cause?

Ways to Take Action: How can the stakeholders address your cause?

Your Next Steps: How you can start making things happen?

Questions we consider…

How do you turn the spark into a flame and act on your ideas?

How do you apply your expanded awareness and new-found knowledge to create change in your community?

What solutions are currently available?

What’s working and not working with them?

Are there any gaps?