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The future of work

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We have a global reputation for helping industry–business, government and community sectors–bridge the gap to the next generation.

Trusted by influential decision-makers, executive leaders, policymakers and educators, our presentations and proprietary research on Millennials and Generation Z have prepared them as leaders in the future of work.

The Future of Work

We use our latest BridgingTheGap Insights to provide you with new strategies to effectively adapt to the changing workforce and workplace demands so you can better communicate with, motivate, support and build a thriving team that lasts​. We inform employers on the characteristic drivers of young talent—what they seek in their workplace culture, and more importantly, why they leave so you can remain an organization of choice.
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The Skills Gap

We identify the critical skills gaps and training needs for the future workforce and equip academic institutions, organizations and young talent with tools and resources to succeed in the future of work. We provide tangible strategies to reduce skill gaps and develop the transferable skills needed to foster innovation, growth and lifelong learning.

"Our audience was fully engaged and we received excellent feedback. They provided specific examples and tangible takeaways for HR professionals and our membership really appreciated their insights. They did a great job of inspiring our HR members."

Diana Sarkis | President HPRA (Human Resources Professional Association), Windsor ​

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Inclusive Innovation

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities emerging talent from underrepresented groups—including youth, women, Indigenous peoples, low-income and other visible minorities—face when pursuing leadership and entrepreneurship today. We equip organizations and community stakeholders with the tools and resources to empower the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders.
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Millennials and Generation Z

We help organizations and employers tap into the mindsets of young talent—Millennials and their successors, Generation Z—and adapt recruiting and retaining efforts to their emerging workplace values. Using our latest BridgingTheGap Insights, we identify the shifts in career motivations, skill gaps and defining traits of Gen Z and how they compare and contrast from Millennials.

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The Workplace Right Now

Millennials are set to make up to 75% of the global workforce by 2025

91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years

Over 40 million young people under the age of 30 enter the workforce every year, but many graduate without the skills necessary to become gainfully employed

The Training Gap

Over 40% of employers globally can’t find skilled talent

Nearly three in four young professionals feel formal education no longer guarantees them employment

One in five young people globally are not employed, in education or training (NEET)
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Whether it is a lunch-and-learn for senior leadership to explore the latest Millennial employee engagement tactics, a training seminar on the future workforce and innovation trends, or a conference workshop to mobilize youth audiences, our presentations are designed to educate and activate.

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