Help your employer become future-ready

BridgingTheGap’s Workplace Assessment will help your organization create a more inclusive workplace to better meet your expectations, desired workplace culture and career objectives.

Your input is needed

Your employer needs feedback from you so they can evaluate the state of their workplace culture—identifying what’s working and opportunities for growth. By completing BridgingTheGap’s workplace assessment, you help us help your employer create a better workplace.

What to expect

The assessment takes the form of an online survey that can be completed at your convenience at work or home.

At the beginning of the survey, you will be asked to enter your company’s name—this is simply so researchers can aggregate the collective response for your employer. Under no circumstances will any raw data or individual employee responses be provided to your organization. Your responses will remain private and confidential—your employer will only receive aggregated results with the consensus from all respondents on the recommendations and key areas of improvement.

All questions are optional and the responses you provide are completely anonymous.

After completing the survey, you can opt-in to enter a draw for one of ten $10 gift cards, one of two $50 gift cards, or one $100 gift card!

Please note the employee survey could take up to 30 minutes to complete so we recommend you set aside some time before starting the survey.