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BridgingTheGap Ventures is quite unique in our value offering and approach.

We have a global reputation for our work in bridging opportunity gaps to foster youth-led innovation and prepare organizations for the future of work—equipping them with the resources, insights and strategic partnerships they need to thrive in the changing marketplace. With a small team, we remain nimble to adjust to market and industry trends while also using our established global network to continue to expand our influence and impact.

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We provide access

BridgingTheGap Ventures provides access to the right people—emerging young talent, business executives, industry thought leaders, social influencers—and the right stakeholder organizations—brands, nonprofits, government, educational institutions—who understand the challenges and see the opportunities. Our clients gain the information, tools and resources, mentorship, meaningful connections and confidence they need.
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We're action orientated

We’re not another initiative simply talking about the change we need. BridgingTheGap Ventures focuses on turning ideas into action to address the future of education and work, climate action, mental health, gender equality and other community challenges. We ensure all members of the BridgingTheGap community don’t just have a voice—they have a role in co-creating solutions with serious impact.

We're building an innovation-centric company

Collaborating with leading academics and thought leaders, our proprietary research on the shifting work values of Millennials and Generation Z analyzes workplaces across areas of recruitment, employee engagement and high-impact retention factors for young workers—including social impact, workplace flexibility and professional development opportunities. These insights inform our products and services, outreach efforts and business development opportunities, and are highly valued by those we work with.
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Inclusion at Our Heart

Too often the same leaders come together to discuss the same challenges. BridgingTheGap Ventures facilitates collaboration across generations, and industry sectors—recognizing each unique perspective and lived experience as crucial to discovering solutions that last. We are committed to eliminating opportunity gaps for underrepresented groups—be it women, youth, Indigenous peoples, low-income or visible minorities—who may currently face barriers to building their career, pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship.

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