Who is Generation Z?

To stay on top of workforce markets, you need to always anticipate upcoming trends and understand future generations.

With Baby Boomers retiring and Millennials being the most studied generation to date, you need to turn to the next generation entering the workforce: Generation Z.

Are You Truly Prepared?

While generation groups tend to span two decades, the dramatic change facilitated by the dot-com internet boom divided today’s youngest generation into two distinct cohorts—Millennials and their successors, Generation Z. Based on our findings from The Change Generation® Report 2017, we determined the year +/- 1994 to be the dividing period. Generation Z—named The Change Generation by Lovell Corporation— are notably guided by their passions and personal development, along with a desire for balance and well-being in the workplace. They are fiery, driven and determined to carve out their own career paths.
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What to expect

Key Takeaways


Understand the defining traits of Gen Z and know how they compare and contrast from Millennials

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Prepare for the future of jobs and tap into the potential of these emerging innovators

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