The Change Generation Report

How Millennials and Generation Z are Redefining Work

The Change Generation® Report provides one of the first and largest national in-depth comparative research studies on the workplace values of Millennials and their successors, Generation Z. Spearheaded by Lovell Corporation in partnership with the University of Guelph, this study defines the characteristics, career expectations, and attitudes of the youngest generations in the workforce help businesses and educators adapt to their needs. The findings reveal barriers to youth-led innovation, and what will be needed to create quality job opportunities and retain young talent in the future of work.
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Key Takeaways

Discover the characteristics, career expectations and values of the youngest generation in the workforce


The implications of these findings on the future of work and what is needed to adapt to their needs


Ways your company can recruit, train, retain and market to the next generation of employees

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Defining Today’s Youth Generation

Millennials vs. Generation Z and a deeper dive into the characteristics of Gen Z talent


Requested Support From Employers

Workplace gaps, mental health needs, desired career development opportunities


Work And Career Priorities

Top work values, definitions of career success, retention factors and more

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Career Aspirations

Desired occupations, salary expectations and perception of the entrepreneurship landscape


Communication Preferences

Social media use, preferred brand marketing channels

Recruitment and Retention

Workplace priorities, salary expectations, passion and career, make or break factors