Our happy community

Shivani Sharma, FOUNDER of HIRIDE

"We are amplifying our personal development that no other program offers. After this experience, myself and fellow peers could even partner and work on projects together."

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"They offer a space for women to learn and strategize on the unique challenges and opportunities that face us."

Nichole Howson, Founder of EMERGING FEMALE

"It gives opportunities for upcoming engineers and small business ventures to learn how to grow into large businesses and interact with business gurus."
Shivani Sharma
Founder of Hirdi
"Developing meaningful connections and providing opportunities to social entrepreneurs is key to ensuring a sustainable future for all."
Lucy Cullen
Founder of Terus
"Youth and marginalized people face many barriers to employment and career growth. Youth need a space to feel empowered in order to achieve their leadership goals."
Celeste Lopreiato
Founder of Conscious Coop

Success stories

Girl Up (UN / NGO / community partner) was able to make new influencer connections for their program, bringing Frankie Grande to the Girl Up Hero Awards

Acquired new mentor

A youth attendee working on a nutritional startup acquired a new CEO mentor, Danna, from Nutritional Brands (brand partner)

Gained a new partner

Faze Media (brand partner) found a new content production partner

Produced their first song

Frankie Grande (influencer) produced his first song, Ocean Blue, with Anthony Preston

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