Reducing the Skills Gap

Formal education and training are no longer enough to prepare talent for the future of work.

Over 40 million young people under the age of 30 enter the workforce every year, but many graduate without the skills necessary to become gainfully employed.

Nearly three in four young professionals feel formal education no longer guarantees them employment, and globally one in five are not employed, in education or training (NEET).

Bridge the Widening Skills Gap

Skills are becoming outdated more rapidly than ever before, and we are entering an era where lifelong learning, emotional intelligence and transferable experience is crucial. Over 40% of employers globally can’t find skilled talent. Formal classroom or workplace training is expensive and not accessible to all, so how can workplaces adapt?
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What to expect

Key Takeaways


Understand skill sets required for Next Gen talent to succeed in the future of work

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Discover critical skills gaps and training needs for the future workforce of Millennials and Generation Z talent


Learn the transferable skills needed to foster innovation, growth and life-long learning in young talent

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