Too often the same leaders come together in the same conference rooms to discuss the same challenges. BridgingTheGap Forums is different.

Everyone at the Table

BridgingTheGap Forums facilitate collaboration across generations and industry sectors. All stakeholders are represented and ready to co-create solutions that address their challenges.

New Perspectives

Too often the same leaders come together to discuss the same challenges. Forums reserve seats for visible minorities and marginalized talent to be part of the solution.

Action Oriented sessions

This is not another initiative to talk about change we need. Forums focus on turning ideas into action. Attendees collaborate to advance shared goals and identify tangible ways to contribute to joint projects.

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Programming themes

We put your ideas at the centre of critical discussions that shape the future

Young talent

Preparing talent for the future of jobs and equipping organizations with actionable strategies to recruit and retain Millennial and Generation Z talent

Inclusive Innovation

Exploring the challenges and opportunities for emerging talent from underrepresented groups—including youth, women, Indigenous peoples, low-income and other visible minorities—to pursue leadership and entrepreneurship

Sustainable Solutions

Connecting emerging young innovators with public-private stakeholders to co-create action plans to address the future of education and work, climate action, mental health, gender equality and other community challenges
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Programming is designed to empower young people to not just have a voice, but be active contributors



Curated keynotes to open perspectives and offer nuggets of wisdom that attendees can apply in their life