BridgingTheGap Non-Solicitation Policy

BridgingTheGap Non-Solicitation Policy

Soliciting BridgingTheGap

BridgingTheGap Ventures does accept solicitation requests from individual members of the BridgingTheGap Community to provide sponsorship, grants, bursaries or other forms of scholarships for the purpose of covering costs associated with personal tuition, technology purchases, travel, accommodation, organization expenses and/or living expenses.

As a social enterprise, impact is incorporated into the backbone of our organization, community investments and program initiatives. With a mission to increase universal access to education and prepare emerging leaders for the future economy, we regularly invest in initiatives that bridge opportunity gaps, alleviate barriers of participation and provide accessible skills enrichment to emerging talent on a global scale. We are committed to creating measurable impact with a focus on empowering and equipping young people for the future, including:

  • Producing accessible year-round interactive, intergenerational and intersectional live experiences for members of the BridgingTheGap Community to build their careers and solve global challenges (i.e. Innovation Masterminds, fireside chats, coaching calls, mentorship chats, Instagram Lives, etc.)
  • Sponsoring free education and upskilling of 20,000+ young people worldwide through our four-week bespoke Youth Delegate leadership training and advocacy program as part of our annual YOUNGA Forum running from 2020-2030
  • Sponsoring free and discounted BridgingTheGap App subscription packages to support members with access barriers
  • Curating skill-building initiatives and opportunities from youth-led and youth-serving organizations, brands, influencers, industry leaders and decision-makers
  • Waiving BridgingTheGap’s speaker/presentation fees for a select number of nonprofits and youth-led organizations annually
  • Providing a platform for visibility, collaboration and meaningful social impact between members and partners to advance shared goals

The costs associated with organizing and facilitating these initiatives, events and opportunities—among others throughout the year—are covered by BridgingTheGap Ventures in order to ensure that there are no barriers to entry for young people, particularly for those from underrepresented and underserved communities.

Soliciting Members

BridgingTheGap strives to create a safe space for community members to connect, learn from each other, form new relationships and foster collaboration. To maintain an open, trusting and collaborative environment, we ask members to be mindful of their peers’ privacy and personal boundaries.

Members of the BridgingTheGap Community are prohibited from sending solicitation requests for financial contributions, sponsorship, grants, bursaries or scholarships to fellow members on any BridgingTheGap platforms—including the BridgingTheGap App—or at BridgingTheGap events and/or initiatives. This is not in an effort to restrict collaboration; on the contrary, we have intentionally created spaces—such as our Member Initiatives group on the BridgingTheGap App where members can share projects, seek peer advice, find new partners and supporters, and receive recommendations from the community—to foster such an environment. This policy isn’t intended to inhibit seeking help and/or support, but rather is designed to protect individuals from being targeted or spammed with unsolicited financial requests.

Those that are found to be in violation of this will be reviewed by the BridgingTheGap team and appropriate steps will be taken, up to and including removal from BridgingTheGap platforms, events and/or initiatives.