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Connect, collaborate and learn from influencers, young changemakers and industry leaders dedicated to creating pathways for the next generation to thrive.

BridgingTheGap Ventures was founded with the goal of bridging opportunity gaps to foster youth-led innovation and prepare organizations for the future of work—equipping them with the resources, insights and strategic partnerships they need to thrive in the changing workplace.

Our passions lie in solving the problem of the widening skills gap and the need for alternative education and career pathways. We use emerging technologies (such as the XR/VR we used with our YOUNG 2020 event) to overcome access barriers, inspire greater imagination and collaboration by facilitating borderless learning and event experiences.

Our Leaders United for Impact


Mr. Worldwide, Grammy Award-Winning Artist and Producer

Julianne Hough

Emmy Award-Winning Dancer and Founder, KINRGY

Siyabulela Mandela

Nelson Mandela's Great-Grandson and Coordinator Journalists for Human Rights

Cara Delevingne

Founder, #MyEcoResolution, model, actress, and singer

Fatima Goss Graves

Co-founder, TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund, and president, National Women's Law Center

Nick Vujicic

Speaker, Author, Evangelist and Entrepreneur

Alyson Stoner

Multi-disciplinary Artist, Writer and Digital Creator

Kailash Satyarthi

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Child Rights Activist

Calum Worthy

Actor and ONE Campaign Ambassador

Drew Ray Tanner

Actor on "Riverdale" and Musician

Our North Star

Bridge opportunity gaps to prepare young people for the future of work and solve global challenges.

How We Create Value

Emerging Talent

Connect with decision-makers—from business, government and community sectors—to build your career, pursue innovation and solve community challenges. Through upskill programs, networking and mentorship opportunities, BridgingTheGap empowers you to take ownership in your success and become future-ready.
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Brands and Organizations

Join the BridgingTheGap Alliance—a global coalition of youth-focused organizations and industry leaders dedicated to creating pathways for the next generation to thrive. Unite with like-minded organizations to exchange resources, receive industry referrals and share campaigns to a broader audience.

Executive Mentors and Influencers

Share your wisdom and expertise to upskill future leaders to create a better world. Receive speaking opportunities for our live Innovation Masterminds or get matched as a mentor for aspiring young changemakers. Collaboration goes beyond our events, with many speakers forming new alliances and co-creating projects.

Teachers and Parents

We created our Forum series and Future Ready Certificate Program to bridge opportunity gaps for emerging young talent and empower them to lead change. Receive updates on our upskill programs, free youth-led innovation resources and live mastermind sessions to share with youth in your family or school.

Members Include


“I loved how intimate we got with the VIP speakers. There wasn't one question left unanswered. I reaffirmed myself that anything and everything is achievable regardless of what social or economic or any other backgrounds we have!”
Dagmawit Workagegnehu
“[This community] is an excellent platform for young individuals like myself to get inspire and feel empowered. One key aspect that has been very instrumental is getting the opportunity to learn from like minded yet unique peers.”
Anshika Rajiv
Hong Kong
“The collaborative environment where we were allowed to discuss about pressing global issues, augmented by the discussions and speeches from some of the finest professionals in the industry. It was enlightening to listen to other perspectives as well.”
Amardeep Singh
“We need you. We need you in this work. We need you in this fight. We need you to know and understand that your voice actually does matter and to exercise the power that you have.”
Fatima Goss Graves
Co-founder, TIME'S UP Legal Defense Fund, and president, National Women's Law Center
“YOUNGA empowered youth advocacy and activism to prepare for future readiness and uncertainty within the community and the four weeks have been remarkable experience working with different people on different SDG initiatives.”
James Young
Ryeol Paek
United States
“Having the opportunity to listen to, learn from, network with creative minds across various age groups, continents and different works of life; who are taking up and engaging in amazing and life changing projects was the icing on the cake for me.”
Gbenga Sorinola
“...our present and future require a new way of living, thinking and leading. There is a higher baseline for personal life maintenance, ethical industries and a paradigm that can manage the complexity of rapid tech advancement, globalization, cross-cultural cooperation... And this expanding awareness and strengthening of one’s foundation is essential and also available, so I gladly teamed up with BridgingTheGap Ventures for the inaugural YOUNGA Forum."
Alyson Stoner
Alyson Stoner
Multi-disciplinary Artist, Writer and Digital Creator
“BridgingTheGap’s forums like YOUNGA are important because the greatest challenges we’re facing require a global, united response and this forum brings together leaders and activists from around the world to discuss solutions to those challenges. ...the VR experience also personalizes the commitment from the attendees."
Calum Worthy
Actor and ONE Campaign Ambassador

Connect, collaborate and learn from influencers, young changemakers and industry leaders dedicated to creating pathways for the next generation to thrive.

Our Initiatives


Explore the future youth want, the action we need

Organized by BridgingTheGap Ventures, the YOUNGA Forum is a pioneering annual global youth takeover event uniting young people with decision-makers using VR/XR technologies to co-create solutions for a more inclusive, sustainable world during the United Nations Decade of Action from 2020 to 2030. Through an inclusive, forward-looking youth-driven dialogue, YOUNGA amplifies the youth voice, creating a global interactive and participatory platform for the hopes, concerns and ideas of young people to be seen and heard by the world’s top decision-makers.

Innovation Masterminds

Co-create solutions for impact
BridgingTheGap’s award-winning Innovation Masterminds focus on multi-sector and intergenerational solutions—ensuring young people have a seat at the table as an active participant to discuss, debate and co-create innovative ideas to key world challenges. Topics include: Future of Education and Work, Climate Action and Sustainable Living, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion, and Peace and Social Justice.

The Future-Ready Certificate Program

Upskill and get hired
The Future-Ready Certificate Program provides emerging talent with accessible skills training resources to prepare for the future of work and increase their job candidacy. The program aims to reduce the skills gap by curating expert-led content from our training and personal development-focused partners into affordable online learning opportunities across our five pillars: self-mastery, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, digital literacy and career readiness.

The BridgingTheGap Alliance

A global community for impact

The Alliance currently spans 7 continents, 243 nations and territories, with a marketing reach of over 10 million and serving over 15 million young people per year.

XR/VR Innovation

Reimagining the future with value-based experiences

We are exploring the realms of XR/VR to increase human connection, unlock imagination and creativity to solve global challenges . In 2020, we collaborated with Pitbull for a pioneering VR event including an XR music video experience. Attendees teleported from our moon base to our dance club in space to networking with leaders across the world and then took a ride with us through the galaxy to explore the SDGs.

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More About Us

Our mission at BridgingTheGap is to bridge opportunity gaps between industry leaders and the next generation of talent, to usher in a new era for humanity that is more empowered, connected and collaborative than the status quo.

We believe that with improved education, particularly in the area of soft skills development and entrepreneurship experience, emerging talent are equipped to not only contribute to sustainable development but can also adapt to the changing workforce. That’s why we founded BridgingTheGap Ventures to empower young people—particularly those with barriers to engage such as young women, Indigenous peoples, rural youth, low-income—by connecting them with industry mentorship, entrepreneurship and future skills training to harness their creative ideas and solve local challenges.