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We empower and prepare young people to be ready for the future economy, the future of work and the future of humanity.

Find your purpose, connect with influencers and enjoy live classes and events hosted by today’s most exceptional minds so that you can confidently step into a future career you’ll thrive in while making a positive impact on the world.


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hours of live expert-led masterclasses on emerging topics produced
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young people collectively served annually by our BridgingTheGap Alliance members
expert speakers including decision-markers, celebrities and industry leaders
youth-serving organizations and international partners
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The Education Gap:

The current education system is preparing us for a world that doesn’t exist anymore.
BridgingTheGap curates interactive, intergenerational and intersectional live experiences along with spaces for youth-led innovation and future skills development so that the next generation can adapt and thrive.

The Network Gap:

Young people shouldn’t be absent wherever decisions are being made about the future.
We’ve built a global, curated community reaching 16 millionof active youth champions and passionate young people that organizations, brands and thought leaders can directly tap into—whether it be to showcase new initiatives, gather youth input or scale social impact.

The Access Gap:

Young people, especially the underserved and underrepresented, deserve to contribute to ...
Our community of leaders and future-ready development not only give youth the tools to move forward in changing their life and the world but provide them with the clarity and self-assurance to thrive on this path.

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