Gender and The Future Workforce

Gender Gaps in the Workplace

Gender and The Future Workforce examines the shifts in gender-based career preferences of Millennials (born from 1981) and Generation Z (born 1994 onwards) from over 3,000 respondents across male, female and gender-neutral (non-binary) perspectives in Canada. Using this information, we evaluate the status of the gender gap in the workplace—where progress is being made and where it’s not—and how businesses, educators and policymakers can work together to create an inclusive workplace for the next generation.
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Key Takeaways

The similarities and differences in occupational interests, work values and priorities, motivating factors and desired supports between males, females and gender-neutral (non-binary) young people

How these preferences affect recruitment and retention of young talent and the gender-specific gaps employers can resolve to create more inclusive workplaces

The implications of the gender-based shifts for achieving gender equality and preparing young talent for the future of jobs

Topics Covered

Career Interests

Education pathway, job aspirations, today’s young entrepreneurs, youth perspectives

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Expectations and Concerns

Career outlook, concerns and confidence; workplace preferences, work-life balance, defining career success

Recruitment and Retention

Workplace priorities, salary expectations, passion and career, make or break factors

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Desired Supports

Opportunities for support, maximize your workforce

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