Future-Ready Program

Prepare yourself for the future of jobs

The BridgingTheGap® Future-Ready Program empowers talent to develop emotional intelligence and lifelong learning skills that prepare them for the future of jobs and the changing world of work. Program participants are able to demonstrate their competency and job preparedness while increasing their employability and skill development.
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Traditional learning and development approaches are not enough to prepare and upskill talent to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace. Youth, women and minority groups are the hardest hit by unemployment rates caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In today’s digitally connected world, skill development can happen anywhere, but industry still only recognizes what is formally taught. Unlike formal education—which is expensive and presents barriers for talent from vulnerable and underserved communities—informal learning is free and is done on an individual’s own initiative, making it accessible to all.

Formal education and training are no longer enough to prepare talent for the future of work–especially with the pandemic accelerating the need for upskilling even further. Workplaces have changed at an unprecedented rate and talent must adapt just as quickly. Additionally, educational systems have been highly impacted by the pandemic, making it even more difficult to access the resources and opportunities necessary for upskilling.

The skills gap is widening.


of young people are concerned about being able to adapt their skills to the needs of the changing job market


of young people feel that formal education no longer guarantees them employment


of young people feel more should be done by employers to support them:

How it works

To reduce the skills gap, we’re working with established training and personal development content providers to curate accessible and affordable online learning opportunities—providing a solution for both young job seekers and employers that increase a talent’s employability, skill development and job preparedness.
The Future-Ready Program is online and self-directed, thereby bridging opportunity gaps for emerging talent with barriers to accessing education and successfully entering the workplace—including youth, women, Indigenous peoples, low-income and other visible minorities—with accessible skills training and career development resources they can complete at their own pace anytime, anywhere.
The program is also multidisciplinary in nature and includes a diverse mix of learning mediums—live masterminds and self-guided courses, XR/VR experiences, mentorship—provided by established training and personal development content providers. Program participants will take a selection of online courses under our five content pillars.

Content Pillars



Nurtures the mental and emotional wellbeing of talent so to maximize their self-actualization, mindfulness and metacognitive skills, as well as the ability to effectively manage emotions

Emotional Intelligence

Teaches lifelong learning capabilities and self-management skills for talent to be productive at work—social-emotional learning, conflict resolution, negotiation and teamwork

Creative Thinking

Strengthens talent’s ability to apply a growth mindset and innovative thinking—inspiring imagination and curiosity, as well as design thinking and resilience skills, to overcome challenges at work with a solution-oriented approach
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Digital Literacy

Empowers talent with the ability to thrive in the rapidly-changing digital, global marketplace by understanding, adopting and integrating new technologies into their work
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Career Readiness

Provides talent with real-life experience and project-based challenges to demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge and skills

Talent who complete online courses featured in our Future-Ready Program will be eligible to receive credits.

Once program participants have completed 80 hours of self-directed learning spanning across our five content pillars—demonstrating autonomy and ability to manage responsibilities in work-at-home environments—they’ll be eligible for our Future-Ready Certificate.
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