Future-Ready Program

Prepare yourself for the future of jobs

The BridgingTheGap® Future-Ready Program empowers talent to develop lifelong learning skills that will prepare them for the future of jobs and the changing world of work.

The BridgingTheGap® Future-Ready Program empowers talent to develop lifelong learning skills to prepare them for the future of jobs and succeed in the changing world of work.

Traditional learning and development approaches are not enough to prepare and upskill talent to succeed in a rapidly changing workplace. Youth, women and minority groups are the hardest hit by unemployment rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to COVID-19, a national research study conducted by BridgingTheGap Ventures in Canada indicated that even before the pandemic’s effects on the economy, young people had pressing needs and concerns regarding the future of work and the workplace.

The skills gap is widening.


of young people are concerned about being able to adapt their skills to the needs of the changing job market


of young people feel that formal education no longer guarantees them employment


of young people feel more should be done by employers to support them:

How it works

To reduce the skills gap, we’re working with established training and personal development content providers to curate accessible and affordable online learning opportunities—providing a solution for both young job seekers and employers that increase a talent’s employability, skill development and job preparedness.

Program participants will take a selection of online courses under our five content pillars.

What to expect

Content Pillars

Human Literacy

Healthy relationships, empathy, interpersonal skills, conflict management

Digital Literacy

STEM/STEAM, technical proficiency, critical thinking, information and communication technology

Emotional Intelligence

Personal development, mental health and wellbeing, managing emotions, self-awareness

Creative Problem Solving

Entrepreneurial thinking, design thinking, innovation

Career Readiness

Job preparedness, adaptability, goal setting

Talent who complete online courses featured in our Future-Ready Program will be eligible to receive credits.

Once program participants have completed 60 hours of self-directed learning spanning across our five content pillars—demonstrating autonomy and ability to manage responsibilities in work-at-home environments—they’ll be eligible for our Future-Ready Certificate.
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BridgingTheGap Ventures is partnering with Mindvalley to curate the Youth Bundle with the goal of providing affordable education for emerging talent to upskill themselves. With the Future Ready Program we’re working to make accessible skills training available to young people around the world. The Youth Bundle gives you access to four of Mindvalley’s top-rated courses collectively worth $12,000+ for the discounted price of only $199 USD.

Supporting Partners

BridgingTheGap Ventures expresses gratitude that the 2020 pilot initiative of the Future Ready Program is supported in part by the Government of Canada.