The Future-Ready Program

Employers, are you future ready?

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) where technology continues to take on more complex tasks and job roles, future skills to succeed are less dependant on hard skills—which require continuous upskilling—and more on the soft skills and emotional intelligence which transcend and enable talent to adapt.
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Here are the facts

86% of employees and executives cite a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

(Clear Company)

According to a US study, training meant to improve job preparedness results in over twice the amount of productivity as upgrading employee equipment.


81% of learning professionals believe that the current pace of change, automation, and disruption will drive a need for reskilling and upskilling employees.

(Lighthouse Research & Advisory)

How we help

BridgingTheGap’s Future-Ready Program provides an accessible and affordable training solution for you as an employer to equip your employees and future talent with the necessary skills to thrive in the changing workplace. The program is multidisciplinary in nature and includes a diverse mix of concepts and objectives provided by established training and personal development content providers.
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Content Pillars

Human Literacy

Teaches lifelong learning capabilities and self-management skills for talent to be productive at work—managing stress, understanding their strengths/weaknesses and how to learn
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Digital Literacy

Gives talent the ability to thrive in the rapidly-changing digital global marketplace by knowing how to understand, adopt and integrate new technologies into their work

Emotional Intelligence

Nurtures the mental and emotional wellbeing of talent so that they will effectively communicate, motivate and work with others

Creative Problem Solving

Promotes a growth mindset, design thinking and resilience skills in talent to strengthen their ability to overcome challenges at work with a solution-oriented approach
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Career Readiness

Provides talent with real-life experience and project-based challenges to demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge and skills and successfully reducing the transition gap (and risk of a bad hire) for your organization


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Employers utilizing the Future-Ready Program