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The Future-Ready Program is aimed at young talent looking to upskill as well as increase their employability by demonstrating skills that employers actively seek, thereby standing out in the job market. We’re utilizing an array of curated courses from established training and personal development content providers who have demonstrated excellence in one of our future-ready topics.
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We are looking for training curriculum that meets one or more of our content pillars:

Human Literacy

Healthy relationships, empathy, interpersonal skills, conflict management
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Digital Literacy

STEM/STEAM, technical proficiency, critical thinking, information and communication technology

Emotional Intelligence

Personal development, mental health and wellbeing, managing emotions, self-awareness

Creative Problem Solving

Entrepreneurial thinking, design thinking, innovation
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Career Readiness

Job preparedness, adaptability, goal setting

Supporting Partners


We will drive young talent to participate in your selected courses.


Demonstrate your training excellence and be featured as a certified content partner


Reach new audiences and increase your customer base, including opportunities to upsell and provide related paid offerings


Drive talent to complete your courses with the added incentive of working towards the Future-Ready Certificate

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