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The BridgingTheGap Alliance (BTG Alliance) is a global coalition of youth-focused organizations and industry leaders dedicated to creating pathways for the next generation to thrive.

Our mission is to unite, amplify and measure the collective effort of partner organizations as they strive to motivate, serve and assist young people in creating positive change.
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There are many passionate organizations working to mobilize youth, but most work in isolation, often targeting the same audiences. By joining forces, our voices become stronger to advocate for our issues, attract greater support—financial, policy recognition and otherwise—and reach more youth. United, we are providing unprecedented value for the youth movement and also for our respective organizations.

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The BridgingTheGap Alliance works to serve you. We’re not a passive listserve—we’re an active community to champion the needs of our members, exchange resources and facilitate beneficial partnerships.

Our members reflect the broad diversity of youth leadership and development organizations, ranging from international associations and student leadership organizations to youth-led and/or supported nonprofit organizations and agencies that encourage youth prosperity and involvement.
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The BTG Alliance supports its partner organizations in promoting the contribution young people make and advocating for the important role youth play at local, regional and national levels.

By enlisting the participation corporate leaders, government, policymakers and communities around the world, the BTG Alliance collects, analyzes and provides insights to start BridgingTheGap to youth opportunity.

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A direct line to youth and key stakeholders.

Overcome the social noise by working together to get your messages seen and heard by your target audiences. The BTG Alliance provides public-private stakeholders a gateway to connect with youth-focused organizations like yourself, to recognize the importance of our collective issues and learn how best to get involved. Through collaboration, we can increase our presence and reach new levels of awareness, engagement and action.

Youth insights straight from the source.

BTG Alliance partners provide a direct channel to youth with established expertise on the issues stakeholders seek to target. Rather than conducting independent research, enlisting survey panels and/or running isolated campaigns, public-private stakeholders will have greater impact (and higher quality insights) by going straight to the source. By forging these partnerships, we can increase your access to resources and create a platform for youth-focused organizations—and those interested in youth issues—to expand their influence.

New referrals and partnerships.

The BTG Alliance supports partners in forming multi-sector collaborations—liaising between stakeholders—and promoting your initiatives to new sponsors, brands, community partners and program participants. Receive tickets and speaker invitations to profile your leadership at BTG Forums, and strengthen your network reach to recruit more active young champions for your cause.

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Become a part of an active community to champion the needs of our members, exchange resources and facilitate beneficial partnerships.