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The BridgingTheGap at Work Forum bridges opportunity gaps in the workplace to reduce inequalities, adapt to digital transformation, thrive in the future of work, and recruit and retain the next generation of talent.

Our programming can be tailored for an in-person or virtual experience—contact us if you’re interested in bringing the BridgingTheGap at Work Forum to your community.


With a theme of becoming future ready, the BridgingTheGap at Work Forum explores the gaps and opportunities for business in the changing workforce to adapt and thrive in the future of work.
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Recruit and Retain Young Talent

Gain new strategies to tap into the motivational drivers and high-impact retention factors of young employees to cultivate a thriving team that lasts.

Build A Skilled Team

Learn ways to reduce skills gaps and foster inclusion to utilize the transferable skill sets of diverse talent for a future-proof workforce.

Adapt to Workplace Transformation

Explore how technology, the next generation workforce and global challenges are changing the way we work and lead.

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Discover Frontier Technologies

Understand the role of frontier technologies like AI, blockchain, VR/AR in the workplace and the challenges and opportunities for businesses that adopt them.

The Experience

Come network in-person. We make sure to host our forums in unique venues! We move away from the traditional stuffy conference hotel rooms and into beautiful spaces that inspire great dialogue. Our 2019 BridgingTheGap to Youth Forum was hosted on the historic Toronto Island Clubhouse of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC).

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Business Owners

HR and
Management Professionals

Innovation Firms

Local Investors

Complimentary Workplace Assessment

All BridgingTheGap at Work attendees are invited to complete a free workplace assessment about their current workplace culture to analyze strengths and challenges. The assessment uses BridgingTheGap’s latest generational research on the work values of Millennials and Generation Z to help businesses identify the high performance human resources’ (HPHR) practices that are most important for the younger generation.
Attendees feedback will contribute to BridgingTheGap’s ongoing research and be used to inform our Future-Ready Employer Index—a tool to analyze workplace gaps and opportunities for businesses to adapt and thrive in the future of work. The tool is will enable businesses to analyze employee performance, engagement, and well-being factors, as well as the mechanisms that explain these relationships.

past Speakers

Nicola Jones-Crossley square

Nicola Jones-Crossley

Business Development Manager

Futurpreneur Canada

anoop virk square

Anoop Virk

Executive Producer


Chin Chang

Chin Chang

Head of Growth

Spring Activator

Karen Bakker

Karen Bakker

Strategy Director


Marc Wandler square

Marc Wandler

President & Founder

Susgrainable Health Foods Inc.

Winston Chan

Winston Chan


Matt Burns square

Matt Burns

Founder & CEO

Global HR Collective

Carlos Leal square

Carlos Leal

Manager, Customer and Digital Consulting


Annee Ngo

Annee Ngo

Co-founder & CEO

Startup League Technologies Inc.

George Benson square

George Benson


Vancouver Economic Comission

Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia

Ulrike Bahr-Gedalia

President & CEO

Digital Nova Scotia

Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee

Co-Founder & CPO


Craig Ryan

Craig Ryan

Director, Social Entrepreneurship


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