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We're BridgingTheGap

BridgingTheGap was founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing together the world’s top decision-makers and industry leaders with young changemakers to usher in a new era for humanity that is more empowered, connected and collaborative than the status quo.

In 2020, we rebranded as BridgingTheGap Ventures

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BridgingTheGap Forums

BridgingTheGap Forums brings decision-makers—from business, government and community sectors—together with emerging young talent to bridge opportunity gaps, build their careers, pursue innovation and solve community challenges.

BridgingTheGap Training

BridgingTheGap Academy uses the latest BridgingTheGap Insights to inform its workshops and educational programs designed for employers, organizations, educators and young talent as they navigate the changing workplace and workforce.

BridgingTheGap Insights

BridgingTheGap Insights is an ongoing research series investigating shifts, gaps and opportunities in the changing workforce of the next generation to help employers, educators, influential decision-makers and policymakers adapt to the future of work. Our presentations and proprietary research focus on how generational differences, gender and the employer-employee relationship affect workplace culture, needs, expectations and desired supports of Millennials and Generation Z talent.

BridgingTheGap Alliance

The BridgingTheGap Alliance is a global coalition of youth-focused organizations and industry leaders dedicated to creating pathways for the next generation to thrive. Our mission is to unite, amplify and measure the collective effort of partner organizations as they strive to motivate, serve and assist young people in creating positive change.

People often say there is something special about the collection of people and energy our programming brings.

They call it ‘BridgingTheGap magic’ or ‘that energy’ and they always find it hard to put their finger on.

You might find it by hearing from a world-class speaker who inspires you and elevates your thinking with their stories of courage and resilience at BridgingTheGap Forums. You might experience it by enrolling in one of our training workshops. You might get that ‘feeling’ when you share a win or a challenge with members of the BTG Alliance.

Whoever you are and whatever you’re looking to achieve, it’s our hope that you’ll get to experience that BridgingTheGap magic and that it will leave you feeling like anything is possible—because we know it is.

Our People

We’ll help you mobilize emerging young innovators around the world and form new built-sector partnerships with organizations seeking to lead innovation, accelerate future skills development and recruit the next generation of talent.
Pushing The Cap

Kelly Lovell, Founder and CEO

Kelly has devoted her working life to helping individuals and organizations innovate and prepare for the future of work. She’s an entrepreneur, thought leader and unshakable optimist, and when you meet her you’ll see straight away how that BridgingTheGap magic came to be.

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